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Conversations in the Chair

Part VIII: As strong as an Ox

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."-R.W. Emerson 1/1/2021

Happy New Year. 

Part VII: Dear Diary,

"Tomorrow is gonna be a brighter day."-C. Stevens 12/31/2020

If your 2020 Experienced:
Happiness, Pride, Petrified, Possessive, Adoration, Enthralled, Pride, Fat, Distracted, Employed, Excitement, Addicted, Dopey, Peace, Satisfaction, Acceptance, Affection, Lean, Joy, Compassion, Adoration, Desire, Interest, Provoked, Wanted, Unemployed, Grateful, Jubilant, Love, Humble, Contentment, Empathetic, Amusement,  Appreciative, Confident, Optimistic, Exhausted, Cheerful, Carefree,Sweet, In-between, Kind, Loyal, Lust, Gladsomeness, Goofy, Inspired, Enchanted, Poor, Ethereal, Funny Friendly, Relief, Poor, Calm, Sensual, Awe, Warm, Romantic, Aware, Comfortable, Free, Courageous, Hopeful, Fascinated, Manic, Tender, Proud, Relief, Eager, Dispirited, Innocent, Insanity, Addiction, Sexy, Understanding, Patient, Surprised, Craving, Wonder, Amazed, Longing, Foolish, Mellow, High, Sentimental, Anew, Low, Focused, Determined, Fearful, Grieved, Distracted, Baffled, Needy, Lost, Self-pity, Pessimistic, Giddy, Crafty, Flirty, Hysteria, Withdrawal, Worried, Abandoned, Doubtful, Frazzled, Sorrow, Curious, Guilt, Apologetic, Horrified, Beautiful, Overwhelmed, Nervous, Homesick,Full, Anxious, Terrified, Cautious, Terrified, Panicked, Alienated, Challenged, Jealous, Neglected, Ugly, Fraud (feeling like a), Stressed, Agony, Empty, Shock, Depressed, Desperate, Confused, Alone, Tense, Hopeless, Weary, Uneasiness, Tense, Sympathetic,Suspicious, Paranoid, Reluctant, Skeptical, Sulkiness, Horror, Sadness, Unhappy, Hungry, Emptiness, Misery, Grateful, Abused, Merry, Somber, Foolish, Festive, Grim, Mourned, Objectified, Exploited, Forgotten, Hated, Abashed, Wanderlust, Aching, Insecure, Apathetic, Defeated, Pity, Submissive, Lonely, Heartbroken, Depressed, Wornout, Glum, Cowardly, Gloomy, Hurting, Disappointed, Tired, Melancholy, Lovesick, Leftout, Resigned, Miserable, Shy, Vulnerable, Yearning, Nostalgia, Remorse, Pensive, Reclusive, Protective, Dismay, Distress, Anger, Annoyed, Bitter, Frustrated, Dislike, Spite, Uncomfortable, Cold, Bitter, Infuriated, Rage, Cheated, Vengeful, Disgust, Animosity, Insulted, Envy, Uneasy, Loathe, Offended, Hopeless, Troubled, Embarrassed, Boredom, Wrath, Disapproval, Craving, Unwanted, Outrage, Awkward, Rich, Hatred, Resentment, Lazy, Mean, Hatred, Cranky, Grumpy, Aggressive, Body Dysmorphia, Horror, Vigilant, Vibrant, Pity, Cruel, Gone, Bullied, Mania, Eating Disorder, Protective, Uncomfortable, Adored, Invincible, Worthy, Poor, Religious, Empowered, Exiled, Resentful, Disgust, Delirious, Denial, Obsessed, Defensive, Destructive, Peaceful, Ecstatic, Lively, Exuberant, Wanted, Loyal, Curious, Tranquil, War, Worthless, Impatient, Sleepy, Passion, Zesty, Magical along with any other words I failed to mention. It's ok. You are not alone.

Adieu 2020.

Part VI: It's that time of year

"When your lips get dry, is there anything more frantic?"-Emily Weiss 12/01/2020

The holiday season is here and it is defiantly feeling different. No holiday parties. No date nights in the many decorated establishments that glitter with lights and cheer. We are forced to find it elsewhere.

As J.L. Byrd continues to follow guidelines recommended during COVID-19, we continue to be thankful and grateful for the outpour of support and loyalty. Though it all feels different, this doesn't warrant us to not take care ourselves.

As the season changes, some (I included) will encounter dry scalp issues. Two of my favorite go to's are Briogeo Scalp Massager and Christophe Robin's Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

Sometimes I use them together and other times I use them separately. When my scalp is in need during such dry times, this helps the exfoliation process along.

If used together, start on wet hair, apply quarter size of Christophe Robin Cleaning Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt. Lather then massage into your scalp with the Briogeo Scalp Massager. Follow with conditioner of choice. If separately, use the Christophe Robin Cleaning Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt as your shampoo followed with your conditioner of choice. If you feel you need the extra exfoliation, incorporate the Briogeo Scalp Massager. Also note "the Briogeo Scalp Massager can be used alone on a dry scalp or paired with shampoo, oil, or treatment for a massage therapy experience in or out of the shower." P.S. If you are a no-poo fanatic like me, this can be incorporated into your no-poo lifestyle.

Season's Greetings and continued thanks from all of us at J.L.Byrd

Part V: You don't own me

"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” - Ida B. Wells 11/01/2020


Part IV: Fairest of the Seasons

"My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent." -R.B. Ginsberg 10/01/2020

Summer has ended. A forgotten time when our hair would absorb the flirtatious rays of the sun. Those endless summers.... the summers of yore.

One noticeable difference with this forgotten summer is the new rituals we are embracing. "Your hair feels amazing! What are you doing differently?" I ask in sheer joy. "I stopped shampooing everyday." My cosmetologist dreams have been answered!

Since the beginning of my career I have been a dedicated "no poo" junky. Your hair does not need daily shampooing as this can cause issues like dryness, brittleness, over proteinized tendrils and loss of shine and luster but not limited to. On top of that, if you color your hair, shampooing everyday can make your color fade quicker!

What is refreshing to know is that your hair can be trained to embrace this new no poo lifestyle. Hey, I workout everyday and still enjoy being a no poo enthusiast. Just rinsing, exfoliating my scalp and putting a finishing oil in my hair has an uptown finish with a downtown approach.

I would recommend if you want to try this, start by alternating your shampoo with conditioner. Day One: Shampoo normally. Day Two: Use a little conditioner on your scalp and exfoliate. Rinse and style as usual. Day Three: Shampoo normally and so on and so forth until you are able to start rinsing in-between shampoos vs using conditioner on your scalp. Be patient. This will not be an over-night miracle but a little patience added to the process will make the experience less frustrating when you have those "bad hair days".

Part III: New Beginnings

"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind."-B. Lee 9/1/2020

The fleeting of that warm summer breeze and the subtle change of temperatures; September has arrived with a soft welcome in NYC.

The industry is still reeling from the new normal. September issues are coming out yet the fashion industry is still at a halt. Should we adjust our look with the season? What is the season of quarantine?

Beauty is evolving. We cannot unsee these changes. As we have continued into the new normal, a noticeable amount of color requests have been evolving. Such services, including but not limited to, are grey/gray blends/reductions, less chemical use, brightness, tonal adjustments and highlight changes... the sudden need for change is real. Why is this urge to Phoenix out so strong?

The current affairs that we are continually seeing unfold daily are not within our control. The decision to change your hair, or keep it the same, is your own. You trust your hairstylist, we appreciate that, yet have made the choice. It can be incredibly freeing.

Some of these choices involving your hair, such as hair loss, growing out chemical adjustments, internal change and more, can also not be within your control. We are here to support and embrace the best you while this is occurring. Your hairdresser might be more than just someone who attends to your hair needs. They might have experience in these fields, have other clients that have through it, or they themselves have knowledge on the topic.

Part II: The Norm

Isn't it pretty to think so?" -E. Hemingway 8/1/2020

We have entered the new normal. The beauty industry has defiantly felt a shift and not in a cosmic awakening that most of us relish in. With the hot topics of the modern world shaping or reshaping our opinions, where (or should I ask how) does the beauty industry organically and responsibly embrace this new normal?

Within our education, whether the first day of our cosmetology career or within the however many plus years behind the chair, we are informed of what is appropriate chair talk and inappropriate chair talk. Everything is deemed appropriate except these three topics… Politics, Religion, and Sex. Yes, these are the three things that we have been taught that we can’t (or shouldn’t) discuss. 

While some of us run to the salon to get away from our daily lives including the current air of topics, some of us love nothing more than to discuss, debate, ask for advice or just vent about said topics but not limiting to. Where do these lines start to blur, in particular if it comes down to how one’s beliefs might be viewed as controversial.  

What can be deemed appropriate and inappropriate? Is it just that we keep our conversations, even taboo, to a murmur? What if such topics affected the culture in which we spend most of our time in? When you sit in our chair, when we walk into our “salon space” ourselves, there is a connection. Shouldn’t your hairdresser and salon be a safe space? 

Opinions vary, as they will continue to but one thing we can all agree upon; Always know your audience.

Part I: the intro

Out of the Chair, into the blog 7/1/2020

Hello and welcome to Conversations in the Chair; A place where beauty evolves the norms towards paths unknown.

Observation. I found the beauty industry to be more exclusive than inclusive. The barriers that appeared were all based on something; race, age, gender, looks, likes... you name it. An industry that should be welcoming to all, professionals and non professionals alike (hello! these lovely humans need us and our expertise!), seemed to be closing doors for those that didn't fit "the mold”. (This statement might sound familiar.) 

Stories and moments, ideas and life are shared in the chairs that I have and continue to stand behind/beside or right in front; sometimes sans chair. Our journeys can be vastly different or very similar. Conversations in the Chair might sound like someone else’s story. A story might sound like a broken record as you may have heard something like it before. Conversations in the Chair is about sharing the beauty within theses beautiful moments while enhancing our outermost. 

My name is Lindsay Loo. I am a Wella Advanced Educated Color Expert and Renegade stylist located in the heart of New York City. My career has taken me all over the world with one thing in common, how can I (we) make the beauty experience more beautiful? The journey led me to realizing it didn’t stop at hair. It was the human experience. Connecting. Learning. All of it. 

I am not sure where this blog is going to take us. It is the start of something that we will have to let grow, evolve and bloom into what it wants to be. All I know is I am here to share stories, experiences, beauty tips, beauty advice and how our journey’s connects us.    


The content displayed on the website is the intellectual property of JL Byrd. You may not reuse, republish, or reprint such content without our written consent. All information posted is merely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Should you decide to act upon any information on this website, you do so at your own will. While the information on this website has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors.We reserve the right to change this policy at any given time.

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